Mapping Milestones

The goals for this website are to catalog completed geologic maps and to help track the progress of currently funded maps for the author and for the community. For each map there is a defined status (or milestone). As the map progresses from the original funded status to completion, the USGS map coordinator will update the status. The mapping coordinator will also define individuals with the different allowable roles (from PI to reviewers). Roles will also be assigned for those working on the map. The major milestones for each map are shown below:

New Categorystep Milestone
Geodatabase Production Milestones1USGS Notified Of New Start
2Project Added to PGM Website
3Project GIS Compiled
4Map Package Checked and Delivered
Technical Review Milestones5Map Submitted to Map Coordinator
6Pre-Review Completed
7Technical Reviewer 1 Assigned
8Technical Reviewer 2 Assigned
9Technical Reviewer 3 Assigned
10Review 1 Completed
11Review 2 Completed
12Review 3 Completed
13Review Comments Delivered to Author
14Author Responses Submitted to MC
15Technical Reviews Completed
16MC Comments Delivered to Author
17MC Review Completed
18Nomenclature Review Completed
19GIS Compatibility Review Completed
Publication Milestones20Map Package Delivered to USGS PSC
21PSC Contract Signed by MC
22PSC Edits Completed
23USGS Proof Check Completed
24Author Proof Check Completed
25Map Delivered to Printer
26GIS Map Components Finalized
27Map Printed and Delivered
28Map Complete (Recent Maps Online)

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