Resources for Planetary Geologic Mappers

Resources in the form of tutorials, tools, workbooks and related web resources have been gathered here and will be periodically updated and modernized by the USGS. For clarifications or additions, please contact Trent Hare (


NASA Proposers

Please see the top portion of the FAQ on this site for a brief paragraph on proposal requirements. Contact James Skinner for more information.

Planetary GIS Tutorials

The Astrogeology MRCTR (pronounced "Mercator") GIS Lab helps support the community with planetary GIS tutorials and data sets. To facilitate GIS use in the planetary community, we also host a guest facility for mappers to visit and learn GIS mapping skills. Please contact Trent Hare if you would like to visit. New GIS workbooks will be added shortly.

Planetary GIS Tools and Data Viewers

The MRCTR GIS Lab also hosts GIS tools particular to planetary data sets and analysis.

GIS-ready Datasets

We are currently in the process of propagating these datasets to the new Astrogeology data portal. Until that is complete, please browse our FTP download site.

ArcMap Annotation for Nomenclature (Jan. 2016)

These ArcMap GIS Annotation template examples were generated in early 2016. They can be used within your mapping project to help position nicely streamed names for planetary nomenclature. Please see the included abstract and documentation for help.

Request Feature Names

Feature names are approved by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN). To request a feature name for your mapping area please fill out the Name Request Form at the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature website. For more information see this 2012 abstract.

Planetary GIS Forum

Post questions and review answers related to planetary spatial data